3D Scultping

Digital Arts Technical Training Institute

This project is actually a number of ZBrush assignments that were required. The Lizard was fully modelled and textured in ZBrush and the Animal Skull and Wasp were originally created as low-poly models in 3DS Max and then exported and finished up in ZBrush.

The lizard was created using the modelling spheres in ZBrush. The texture was an actual photo reference painted onto the model using the new Spotlight feature in ZBrush4.

The Animal Skull was created using the reference material provided and a number of custom-made brushes for the grainy dried-out bone texture.

The final project, the wasp, was originally created in 3DS Max using the provided reference and exported into ZBrush. The legs, wings, and body are all separate parts. The painting was done in ZBrush using different custom materials and transparencies. After the high poly model was created I was asked to create a low poly texture baked version of the model. This was done by first exporting the high poly model back to 3DS Max where all the separate objects were then attached and UV Mapped. The model was then “rendered to texture” to create maps to paint. The maps were painted in Photoshop and then applied on the model back in 3DS Max.

3D Game Art, 3D Modelling, Texture Painting, ZBrush, 3DS Max, Photoshop